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ETHNO Germany Summer Camp

09.–19. August 2018

Das ETHNO Germany Summer Camp ist ein Camp für junge Musikerinnen und Musiker aus aller Welt, bei dem es um traditionelle Musik und Folk geht.

Zwischen dem 09. und 19. August 2018 kommen auf der Burg Lichtenberg nahe der Stadt Kusel ca. 40 enthusiastische Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer im Alter von 16 bis 30 Jahren zusammen, um gemeinsam traditionelle Musik zu spielen, zu lernen und zu lehren. Es geht darum, einander kennenzulernen, Ideen auszutauschen und Erfahrungen zu teilen. Vor allem aber werden vielfältige kulturelle Hintergründe erkundet und traditionelle Musik neu erfunden.

Bei ETHNOGermany geht es um die Menschen, um die Musik und um den Spaß. Ob du in klassischer Musik ausgebildet bist, dein Repertoire hauptsächlich aus Jazzkompositionen besteht oder ob du die globale Folkszene in- und auswendig kennst; welches Instrument du auch spielst oder in welchem Register du singst; ob du dich selbst als professionelle Musikerin oder als Hobbyinstrumentalist siehst, ETHNOGermany's einzigartiger und lebendiger Mix aus Jam Sessions, Workshops und Auftritten hält für jede und jeden etwas Besonderes bereit.

Bei jeglichen Fragen zu ETHNOGermany kannst du uns gerne eine E-Mail an ethnogermany(at) schreiben.

ETHNO Germany Summer Camp

09.–19. August 2018

ETHNO Germany Summer Camp is a folk and traditional music camp for young musicians from all over the world.

Between 09th -19th of August 2018, around 40 enthusiastic participants aged between 16 and 30 will gather at the beautiful Castle Lichtenberg near the town of Kusel to play, teach and learn traditional music from all over the world. They get to know each other, exchange ideas and share experiences. But most of all, they explore diverse cultural backgrounds and reinvent traditional music. ETHNO Germany is about the people you meet, the music you play and the joy you have.

Whether you have been trained in classical music, your repertoire consists mainly of jazz compositions or you know the global folk music scene inside out; whichever instrument you play or which register you sing in; whether you consider yourself a professional musician or a hobby instrumentalist, ETHNO Germany’s unique approach benefits all participants equally through a lively mixture of jam sessions, workshops and performances.

If you have any questions regarding ETHNO Germany, please write an e-mail to ethnogermany(at)

Artistic Leaders 2018

Kathryn Doener, Germany


Kathryn is a violin player from Germany. After visiting her first Ethno in Slovenia in 2012 (Etno Histeria) she felt so inspired that she created the project FOLKLANG in her hometown Tübingen. For Kathryn Ethno is like a soft revolution that has tremendous power to transform communities in a positive way - when this kind of social change happens while playing great music with amazing musicians. What better can there be?

Kathryn is the musical director of FOLKLANG and has been part of Ethno Germany since its beginnings in the organisation and as an artistic leader. She has participated in many Ethnos (Ethno Catalonia, Rila Music Exchange, Etno Histria, Ethnofonik, Ethnofonik Allstars). She also plays in various projects such as “Triotonal” and the “MIAN Ensemble”.

Christoph Schoenbeck, Germany/USA


Since graduating from Reading University in 2005 with a BA in Music, Christoph Schoenbeck has been involved in a number musical projects in the Czech Republic and Germany.

Styles range from Swing and Latin to Flamenco and experimental music. Although he studied classical piano, he has since discovered that he is actually a bass player at heart. He loves to compose, arrange and learn about new styles.

He is currently part of the Folklang project in Tübingen, Germany, an Ethno-inspired group where musicians meet on a weekly basis, and has helped organise the Folk Marathon 2016 held in Tübingen.

This will be his second ETHNO as an Artistic Leader and he is very much looking forward to it.

Maarja Soomre, Estonia

Singer and Melodica

Maarja Soomre is a singer and a melodica player from Estonia. She has been studying classical piano, jazz and Estonian traditional music as a singer. She is a member of two folk music bands, RÜÜT and Päri Päri.

Maarja’s first ETHNO Camp was in Slovenia, the Etno Histria of 2012. This was when she became addicted to the ETHNO movement. She says that ETHNO Camps provide a powerful experience, where music can really connect people, even if they are from different cultures. “When we play music together we create a united world”, says Maarja.
Maarja has also been part of Ethno Croatia 2014, Ethnofonik 2015 in France, GLOMUS Camp 2017 in Brazil and Ethnofonik All Stars 2017.

She is very excited to be the Artistic Leader for singers, as the voice can be a versatile instrument, acting either as a solo, harmonic or percussive instrument.

Kieren Alexander, Australia


Originally from Australia, Kieren took a fascination to folk music in his days as a student, which has since enveloped his musical life. He has been involved with Ethno since moving to Europe in 2012, and has had the pleasure to lead at various editions over the years, including Ethno Germany, Ethno Portugal and Ethno Flanders. He has a lot of musical interests, but has spent a great deal of time playing Latin, Balkan, jazz and balfolk.

When he's not travelling, he is based in Prague, where he plays with a number of bands of various sizes and shapes.

Artistic Leaders

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